Rescuing 911 - The Fight for america's Safety

“Emergency 9-1-1. We’re sorry. No one is available to take your call. Please try again later.”

Imagine calling 9-1-1, but the dispatcher has no officers to dispatch.

Sadly, this is not just an idea — it’s a reality.
And it’s happening all across America. 


This is not a traditional war – it is a war with persecution and victims.

A war on Police Officers who have all sworn an oath to protect our communities and citizens. These heroes are at war with elected and non-elected officials being leveraged by counter-culture ideologists.

This war is destroying reputations, tearing apart careers, endangering communities, and threatening the

fabric and safety of America.


Our citizens will become the ultimate collateral damage.


In the moment where all hope is lost and in fear and desperation we dial 911. An automatic message is heard… And there is no answer on
the line, there is no voice, and there will be NO HELP ARRIVING.

We have men and women of valor who have become heroes in hiding.

It’s time for that to change.

Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret.)

Randy Sutton is a 34-year law enforcement veteran and nationally known media commentator on law enforcement issues.

Over the past 10 years, he has trained thousands of police officers across the U.S. with his “Policing with Honor” workshop. 

He has been featured on Fox & Friends and The One America News Network and is the “Crime and Safety” on-air personality for KTNV TV Las Vegas. 

He has also appeared on hundreds of radio shows across the nation, including Patriot Radio, Malcolm Out Loud, The David Webb Show, and others. 

His articles have been published in The New York Daily News,, The Daily Caller,, Law Officer Magazine, Police Magazine, and more. 

As an actor, he was one of the most featured officers on the popular television series COPS, which led to his being cast in a role as a police officer in the Academy Award-winning film Casino with Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. Other film and television roles followed.

Born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, Randy graduated high school and joined the Princeton Borough Police Department at age 19, becoming one of the youngest police officers in the state. 

He served the town for 10 years before joining the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where he served for almost 24 years and retired at the rank of Lieutenant. During his service he distinguished himself as one of the most highly decorated officers in LVMPD history, having earned multiple Life-Saving awards, Exemplary Service awards, Community Service awards, and a Medal for Valor.

Recognized by President George H.W. Bush for his creation of a reading program for inner city children, he was presented with a Presidential Points of Light Award. 

In his quest to help officers, he founded The Wounded Blue: The National Assistance and Support Organization for Injured and Disabled Law Enforcement Officers. Now Randy travels all over the U.S. and speaks, raising awareness and support for the nonprofit. 

His book The Power of Legacy: Personal Heroes of America’s Most Inspiring People became an Amazon #1 bestseller. During his police career, Randy penned three books about his and his fellow officers’ experiences. These areTrue Blue: Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them, A Cop’s Life, and True Blue: To Protect and Serve.

Tune in weekly for his live talk radio show and popular podcast Blue Lives Radio: The Voice for American Law Enforcement by visiting

A Note From The Author ...

Through the rise of political agendas, out-of-context videos on social media, and movements missing accountability, our men and women in blue are being painted as villains. Far too many everyday heroes have gone into hiding, fearing for their own safety. 

In fact, when I first began the journey of writing this book, I considered calling it Heroes in Hiding because ever since the “Defund the Police” movement started, I’ve seen countless officers face threats of violence, unspeakable abuse, and unbelievable discrimination.

But you can help turn the tide and join the fight against injustice. 

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Together, we can bring America’s heroes back to their quest and restore America’s safety.

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